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Bachelor - Virtual Life

Multithreaded virtual evolving life

Project GALAPACOS, God Algorithm for Living Artificial Physics-based Adapting Creatures with Omnipotent Scalability, is my bachelor project done in collaboration with Benjamin Ma.

It is a multithreaded virtual life simulator that focuses on performance. It utilizes genetic algorithms to breed the best creatures, evolved a single cube, for a certain task like movement speed or jump height. Utilizing a neutral network, the creatures can react to how their own body moves and their interactions with the enviroment. Each simulation is running isolated in its own thread and only interacting when producing the next generation of creatures or the user visualized the evolution as it happens.

As far as we are able to tell, it is the world’s fastest virtual life simulator by an order of magnitude, allowing us to achieve the result in a few minutes that takes hours for other solutions.
February 2012 - May 2012
Genetic algorithms
Scaleable multithreading
Neural network
Physics engine
Virtual DNA
Crossbreeding DNA
Mutating DNA
Fitness evaluation
C#, XNA, BEPU Physics, NeuronDotNet
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