Peter Ølsted
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500,000 physics driven game objects
500,000 physics driven game objects at 30 fps, rendered as white pixels.

Scalable Game Engine

Safely scalable engine via world state copying

This is a small experimental engine written from scratch in three weeks. It can safely scale the game update loop as every frame generates an immutable game state. As all communication between game objects is asynchronous and all cross-object data access is immutable, it is safely scaleable. Game objects are created via components,
To create a read-only world state, the entire state copied at the end of every frame. To make this feasable, the world state is stored continuesly in memory which makes the copy trivial to perform and have little overhead.
Implemented systems
Concurrent job system
Memory allocator
Message system
Concurrent message queue
Component system
3 Weeks, Fall 2012
Everything build from scratch
C++11, SDL
Source Repository