Peter Ølsted
a software developer for games, technology and fun projects


the original assassin

During my time at Io-Interactive I have been involved in both the tools and online/GUI department.
My first three months were in the tools team where I had two tasks. My first task was to overhaul the search system for the engine as the old one could take over 20 minutes to do a search. With my changes it would about a minute for the same situation with a new approach to the problem. After this the studio needed a tool to visualize how much space the different assets placed. While learning WPF, I created this new tool that displays the package sizes and can drill down to every resource.

After these months, the online/GUI department needed more hands. Here I have been heavily involved in a overhaul of the menus in the game done in the last year before it shipped.
Using C++, Scaleform and inhouse technologies, I have been working as the main programming bridge between the online programmers and the designers. This involves evolving the inhouse technologies, write all the code needed for a variety of player used menus and ensuring the designers all the data available.
March 2015 to present
Technologies used
C++, Scaleform, C#, JSON, Perforce, Glacier 2, WPF