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Get Off My Lawn!

Data driven tower defense

Get Off My Lawn! is a tower defense game inspired by Popcap’s game Plants vs Zombies.
It is a lane based tower defense game where you have to balance your economy, positioning and defensive structures to protect your beautiful lawn against those darn kids.

Written from scratch in C# in only three weeks, it is completely data driven with every tower, kid, level and projectile defined by simple XML configuration. This is achieved by our flexible component system and use of reflection. It also supports different game modes like whack-a-mole and space invaders by configuring the XML and implementing the game mode in code.

My role in this project was the architecture. I programmed the component system, the game framework, GUI and some gameplay elements.

Key responsibilities
Component system
Message system
Three weeks, December 2010
C#, XNA, Code Contracts
Team members
Source Repository